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Improving Your Performance: Fads and Findings

 Date: Wednesday, September 13th
 Time: 8:00pm
 Where: Aston Suite,
Alexander Hotel,
Merrion Square,
Dublin 2
 Admission: €3 for members and concessions
€6 for non-members.


The speaker is Professor Aidan Moran, Department of Psychology, UCD.

Popular psychology is largely associated with the theme of self-improvement. Within this field, a variety of techniques that purport to enhance people's learning, concentration and performance have been promoted. Unfortunately, as many of these techniques arose outside mainstream science, their efficacy is difficult to evaluate. Nevertheless, considerable research evidence has been collected in certain fields (e.g., sport psychology) on the validity of cognitive performance enhancement strategies (e.g., mental practice). Therefore, the purpose of this lecture is to use this evidence to help people to distinguish between "fads" and "findings" when it comes to improving your performance.