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Intelligence: A critical view of its nature and evolution

 Date: Wednesday, February 7th
 Time: 8:00pm
 Where: Aston Suite,
Alexander Hotel,
Merrion Square,
Dublin 2
 Admission: €3 for members and concessions
€6 for non-members.


We are delighted to welcome Dr Gary O'Reilly, School of Psychology, UCD to speak on the topic Intelligence: A critical view of its nature and evolution.

Dr O'Reilly's talk will introduce theory and research in the field of human intelligence. He will present a critical view on how psychologists currently understand human intelligence based on research utilising IQ-type tests and other sources of information. His talk will attempt to provide an evolutionary context to the field thus allowing us to consider key and often controversial questions such as:
  • Is intelligence inherited?
  • How credible are claims of racial differences in intelligence? and
  • Is there such a thing as Emotional Intelligence?
Dr O'Reilly is a Senior Lecturer and Deputy Course Director of the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in the School of Psychology, UCD.