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Genetic Testing and Embryo Selection: The future of medicine or the new Eugenics?

 Date: Tuesday, November 21st
 Time: 8:00pm
 Where: Wynn's Hotel,
Abbey Street,
Dublin 1
 Admission: €3 for members and concessions
€6 for non-members.


Our speaker is Kevin MitchellAssociate Professor of Genetics and Neuroscience, Trinity College Dublin.

Advances in genetics provide unprecedented power to predict more and more traits and diseases in in vitro fertilized embryos prior to implantation. These technologies have the potential to prevent many inherited disorders by selection of genetically healthy embryos. At the same time, they raise important moral and ethical questions. What qualifies as a disorder? Should selection of non-medical traits be permitted? Will genome editing of human embryos become a reality? Should selection for things like deafness or dwarfism or for so-called saviour siblings be allowed? Does the idea of selection at all commodify human beings? Does it alter the relationship between parents and offspring?