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Drivers and Consequences of pollinator decline

 Date: Wednesday, April 17th
 Time: 8:00pm
 Where: Abbey Room,
Wynn’s Hotel,
Lower Abbey Street,
Dublin 1
 Admission: €3 for members and concessions
€6 for non-members.


We are delighted to welcome Professor Jane Stout, Professor in Botany at the School of Natural Sciences, TCD, described as “an outstanding ecologist who has bridged the gap between ecology and the public”.

In 2017, Prof Stout was a winner of the British Ecological Society’s Award for Ecological Engagement for her work on the causes and consequences of bee decline. There has been considerable political and public attention on bee decline and its drivers in recent years. Some of the factors allegedly contributing to decline, and the consequences of pollinator loss, have stimulated controversy among scientists, private organisations and in the popular press. In this talk, Prof Stout will present some of the scientific evidence and discuss current, ongoing research in this area.

We look forward to a most informative and stimulating presentation from Professor Stout and a lively discussion to follow.