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Please note that we are currently constrained by the pandemic, along with the rest of the country and hope to resume our activities in the not too distant future.

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Past events


04 MarThe Science of Selection: A continuing existential challenge


11 DecThe Psychology of Brexit: From psychodrama to behavioural science.
25 SepAn emerging cosmic perspective
15 MayDestiny and Chance - How the wiring of our brains shapes who we are
17 AprDrivers and Consequences of pollinator decline
27 FebThe use of animals - An ethical minefield


24 OctIreland's weather: a journey through time...the sequel
10 JanWhat can biology tell us about our future?


21 NovGenetic Testing and Embryo Selection: The future of medicine or the new eugenics?
04 OctLife through time and space
07 JunPublic engagement and science activism
05 AprVaccines - benefits, risks, myths and the Trump effect


16 NovUndue influence and manipulation
19 OctEver seen a fat fox? Human obesity explored
21 JunThe Stress Test: How pressure can make you stronger and sharper
11 MayRethinking Psychology - Good science, Bad science, Pseudoscience
10 FebWhy torture doesn’t work: the neuroscience of interrogation


21 OctHas neuroscience explained away the mind?
16 SepQuestioning certain assumptions about suicide
06 MayThe secret of the bat genome – how bats can help us live longer, see better and be happier!
04 MarTough on ideas, supportive of people: how atheist and skeptic groups can be robust, inclusive and ethical


03 DecEpigenetics and Cancer: New Hope for Future Treatments
15 OctMatt Parker - Stand up mathematician
24 SepUranium and Ireland
21 MayCaught between a Rock and a Hard Place: kidney stone disease is common in Ireland
09 AprDrugs - good ones, bad ones and how to find new ones
26 FebExploring Mars, Discovering Earth


04 DecThe hidden molecular mysteries of food
09 OctGenetics and human evolution: an overview of current trends
19 JunSome glosses on The Origins of the Irish
20 MarWhere brain and society meet: the role of cognitive reserve


12 DecFacts and fancy of food and health
13 NovA critical analysis of the current health service
17 OctMartin Gardner - personal reminiscences and Irish connections
13 JunImagination in Action: Mental practice and skilled performance in sport and surgery
18 AprThe End of Ageing
08 MarAsk for Evidence


07 DecApollo 11
19 OctFaster than the speed of light: was Einstein wrong?
14 SepRights, rites and riots: The benefit of doubt for the criminal justice system
20 AprThe Babel Fish Dilemma: Talking Science with Non-Scientists
09 FebBorn that way – how the wiring of the brain makes us who we are


15 DecStem cell research: the promise and the challenge
01 NovDoes alternative medicine do more harm than good?
13 OctClutching at Random Straws
01 JunThe Rational Optimist: how prosperity evolves
21 AprDo you see what I see? The genetics of perception
17 FebAmnesty International Ireland


10 NovDavid McWilliams
14 OctMaths and the Media: an equation for confusion
10 JunIce age mammals: tales of extinction and survival
08 AprAssessing and responding to climate change in Ireland
11 FebCharles Darwin and the Origin of Humans


18 NovHow to argue badly and (still) influence people
10 SepIs Ireland an intolerant society and can education change intolerant attitudes?
04 JunEvelyn Cusack's guide to weather
07 MayAddressing the God Question: are religion and skepticism mutually incompatible?
06 FebDoes it really matter what you eat? The organic food debate explored


05 DecThe Criminal Mind
06 JunPhilosophy & Science: connection, disconnection, consequences
04 AprBad Science and Poor Law: The danger of confusing opinion and fact
07 FebIntelligence: A critical view of its nature and evolution


06 DecCreatures of Accident
08 NovScience, Technology and Society: Can scientists learn from a history of rejection?
13 SepImproving Your Performance: Fads and Findings
07 JunStem Cells - Scientific, Ethical and Policy Issues
05 AprSelf Awareness and the Brain
01 FebCurrent Research and Treatment in Cancer and Questionable Therapies to Avoid


07 DecThe importance of scepticism in the media
16 NovThe March of Unreason: Science, Democracy and the New Fundamentalism
07 SepAn evening with Richard Wiseman and Simon Singh: From Paranormal Phenomena to the Big Bang
09 JunDo you really want to know about your genes?
06 AprMind Power: Fact, Fiction and Fakery
02 FebWorld Skepticism: current issues and future developments


01 DecThe Scientific Response to Creationism
06 OctScience and Pseudoscience in the New Millennium
24 JunThe Scientific Evidence for the Paranormal
02 JunThe Psychology of Anomalous Experience
07 AprGood and Bad Uses of Scientific Knowledge: The Role of Bioethics
04 FebGenetics - the most restless, turbulent and demanding form of knowledge


03 DecThe Placebo Defect: How Quacks Exploit the Psychology of Health Behaviour
05 NovExploring your Immune System
03 SepAstronomy and Astrology
04 JunThe Eureka Factor - Science, Technology and Intuitive Leaps
02 AprThe Fallibility of Human Reasoning - Why Thinking Critically is a Challenge
05 FebQuestioning Questionable Therapies


04 DecThe Flight from Science and Rationality in Modern Society

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