Event: An evening with Richard Wiseman and Simon Singh: From Paranormal Phenomena to the Big Bang

8:00pm, Wed, 07 Sep 2005
RDS, Dublin 4

Richard Wiseman and Simon Singh

Professor Wiseman is a Psychologist, Magician and Skeptic. He has established an international reputation for scientific research into unusual areas within psychology. In early 2003, Prof Wiseman published The Luck Factor - the first comprehensive account of an eight year research project investigating the nature of luck.Simon Singh is an author, journalist and television producer. His books cover such topics as Fermat's Last Theorem, cryptology and, most recently, The Big Bang. Together, they will talk about all sorts of things, including the world's greatest illusions, why magic works, the big bang, ghosts, probability and how not to walk on fire.This talk is presented in association with the British Association for the Advancement of Science during the BA Festival of Science.

Wed, 07 Sep, 2005

RDS, Dublin 4