Event: Apollo 11

8:00pm, Wed, 07 Dec 2011
Davenport Hotel, Merrion Square, Dublin 2

Kieran Timmons, Aoife Long, Bill Matthews

This is the story of the successful mission which placed Neil Armstrong on the surface of the moon and the events which led up to and shaped that "giant leap" for mankind.

All three speakers are members of Engineers Toastmasters Club. This is part of the Toastmasters International Organisation, which exists for people who wish to learn and develop public speaking and communication skills.

Kieran Timmons is an engineer, a motorcyclist and a private pilot and has had a lifelong interest in the Apollo programme. He rates meeting Neil Armstrong in 2003 as a particular highlight.

Aoife Long is also an engineer. She comes from Cork and has a keen interest in popular science. In her spare time she enjoys jogging, going to existing and former boyband gigs, and also moving house.

Bill Matthews is a psychologist and a member of the Irish Skeptics Society. He has a particular interest in this story because he remembers a time before iPods, before computers, before television, before transistors even, when cutting edge technology was valve-driven radio, and very many of the households in this country did not even have electricity.

This should be a fun event and will include a model of the Saturn 5 rocket. And no doubt we will enjoy a Christmas drink in the bar afterwards!

Wed, 07 Dec, 2011

Davenport Hotel, Merrion Square, Dublin 2

€3 for members and concessions €6 for non-members

€3 for members and concessions €6 for non-members